Vital records of Kent and Sussex Counties, Delaware, 1686-1800

This work is a compilation of marriages, births and deaths of Kent and Sussex Counties, Delaware, taken from the surviving church records. In addition there are a significant number of records for persons living in lower New Castle County. Almost all of these records are held by the Hall of Records, Dover, Delaware, with one notable exception; the early Quaker births, deaths and marriages of Duck Creek beginning in 1686 are not found there. However the latter vital records for Duck Creek and Murderkill Monthly Meetings vital records are held by the Hall of Records in the form of a typescript copy. These are records of Duck Creek and Murderkill which were included with the Camden Monthly Meeting records some time after its formation uniting Duck Creek Monthly and Murderkill Monthly. Microfilm copies of the originals of all of these Quaker records are held by Swarthmore Historical Library, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.